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Jose Canseco Tweet

And that, folks, is one of the tamer Tweets sent by Jose “I’ll Narc About Steroids and Consider Myself a Hero” Canseco and the absolute meltdown he’s currently going through. I’m not sure what, exactly, led to baseball’s “first member 40/40 club’s” (How much juice did that designation take?) Twitter explosion; although, a friend of mine pointed this out.

I’m honestly not sure why Canseco would think responding to such nonsense is a good idea — especially in the manner he initially used, which led directly to the meltdown — but perhaps he’s trying to manage his reputation of being something of an ass.

You see, a lot, if not most, people don’t want to be known as a jerk or a hothead, and that’s why most people don’t allow their Twitter accounts to devolve into something resembling the petulant rantings of a jilted high school kid; but then again, none of us are Jose Canseco, either.I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone pat themselves on the back so vigorously, all because they willfully betrayed the trust of just about every person they came across while playing professional baseball; and for nothing more than to supplement a bank account. Make no mistake, Canseco didn’t blow every whistle he could fit into his mouth to better the product he once took advantage of.

No. He simply wrote his steroid tell-alls to make a quick buck.

So while most people use Twitter to control the “good parts” of their reputation, Canseco is using his to show his true colors — and in that respect, he succeeded beyond even my wildest dreams.