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Ken Griffey, Jr

Ken Griffey, Jr, the man with what some call the perfect baseball swing, has joined an elite group after hitting his 600th home run against the Florida Marlins in the first inning last night. The group Griffey joined is so elite, only five other Major League Baseball players reside in it (and two of the five have suspect resumes).

Thanks to I’mWritingSports, we have video of the momentous occasion:

Now, I’ve never claimed to be much of a baseball aficionado but nevertheless, I’ve always liked, appreciated and admired Ken Griffey, Jr. He’s been called the Michael Jordan of baseball and that’s something I can appreciate on an individual performance level.

If he didn’t have to deal with all those injuries as a Cincinnati Red, his home run total would undoubtedly be much larger. However, allow me to let a true baseball expert close our celebratory proceedings with these words about Griffey:

It is easy to look at 600 and wonder what might have been with improved health. But it is easier and more fun to remember Griffey at his best, a wondrous athlete who streaked through the outfield, climbed an outfield wall and made a catch that only Mays could make, then the next inning, hit a ball to places that very few players could reach. Six hundred home runs is a tremendous milestone, but Griffey at 100, 200, 300 and 400 was simply breathtaking.

Fitting words for an outstanding, outstanding player.