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The mighty mouth of John Rocker has decided to do some more roaring and thanks to the forum provided by Doug Gottlieb, he was allowed to do just that. In an interview with the ex-Oklahoma State non-shooting point guard, Rocker stated he tested positive for steroids in 2000 and Commissioner Bud Selig turned a blind eye…

Now, while I obviously have no inside knowledge as to whether his claims are true, I can’t help but think Rocker’s comments are along the same lines of the “I’m gelling” guy from the Dr Scholl’s commercials… You know, the guy that wants be included in whatever is popular.

For Rocker, since he can’t pitch any more, I guess being associated with steroids is a great way for him to stay relevant.

Hell, he even brought Selig into it to give his statements more edge and controversy. I don’t know, but it just rings hollow to me. Anyway, here’s the interview, captured and immortalized by the Worldwide for your enjoyment:

You stay classy, John.