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In one of the more memorable plays of this young MLB Baseball season, Joey Gathright gave us a choice highlight by jumping over a Dodgers pitcher to avoid being tagged out.

We’d like to give you a refresher on the play by showing you the video, but since the MLB is pretty damn stingy with their highlights (yeah, because free advertising is costing you all billions), we’ll settle for this nifty reenactment.

Just in case you need an example of Gathright’s ability, here he is jumping over a car. For real (TAKE THAT, KOBE).

As it stands, it appears as if Gathright is not the only one capable of jumping over opposing baseball players who are blocking a base path, waiting on an easy out:

Now this happened in 2006, but still, the acrobatic display is quite exceptional; as is having the wherewithal to even consider such an idea. The fact that it was pulled off successfully proves Gathright does have some competition, although, I’m not sure if they player in the last video is even in the Major Leagues.

Perhaps they can settle their differences in a valet parking lot. Somewhere with a lot of vehicle options.