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Jason Bay

But then again, who doesn’t?

While on his All Star Game furlong, Boston Red Sox slugger Jason Bay kept a blog for the WEEI Sports Radio station, and during his All Star wrap-up, Bay discussed his affection for the snipers that were guarding President Obama and his opening pitch “conspiracy.” (Wow, reaching much?) Quoth Bay:

For example, from the time we went on the field one thing I couldn’t take my eyes off were the snipers on top of the stadium. Even in the fourth inning, I couldn’t stop looking at them because from where I was it looked like a video game, with the dark silhouette and with the sun setting. I’m thinking, “These are snipers! That’s so cool!”

For what it’s worth, I’m sure they were keeping a close eye on you as well, Jason. In other news, I’m wondering if Bay is a video game player, specifically of the first-person shooter genre.

For some reason, his comments about the sniper guards has a ring of COD 4 familiarity to it. Perhaps I’m just reaching, though.