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A quick-and-dirty congratulations are in order for Hideki Matsui and the New York Yankees for their World Series championship. The Yanks beat the Philadelphia Phillies in six games, and were powered by Matsui’s absolute domination of the Phillies pitching staff. For the series, Japan’s first-ever MLB World Series MVP hit an eye-popping .612 and had three home runs and eight RBI, six of which came in last night’s clincher. While the Yankees’ 27th world championship is being treated as a welcoming party for Alex Rodriguez, he wouldn’t be in the “True Yankees” club if not for Matsui’s considerable contribution.

LSUFreek has more Hidekizilla goodness over at The Sporting Blog. It’s a fitting celebration for someone who destroyed a major city like Philadelphia in such a definitive manner.

And with that, no more baseball until next spring. Awesome.