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George MitchellThis is the day all Major League Baseball fans have been waiting for: at 2pm EST, MLB will release the findings of the Mitchell Report, a 300-plus page document that reveals the findings from former Senator George Mitchell’s 20-month investigation of steroid use in baseball. To celebrate the festivities, MLB.com is showing live video broadcasts of the various press conferences and they’ve also created a page specially for the Mitchell Report findings.

However, the page, which uses this address: http://www.mlb.com/MitchellReport, is currently 404ing. Not to be outdone, ESPN is devoting their whole broadcasting afternoon to all things Mitchell Report.

As the sports blogosphere in its entirety is waiting for the deadline to get here, there are already some big names starting to leak out. FanHouse, Deadspin, and beRecruited are reporting Roger Clemens may be one of the names on Mitchell’s list (did he check it twice?), a realization that will probably shock absolutely no one. beRecruited is also saying Andy Pettite will be named as well. It’s obviously going to be a fun day.

The guys at Sports Frog are having an on-going forum discussion over at their swamp if you’d like join in the Mitchell Report fun. Here’s a reminder of the important times for all you Mitchell Report heads out there:

2pm EST – Contents of Mitchell Report becomes available

4:30pm EST – Commissioner Bud Selig’s press conference responding to the findings

Happy Mitchell Report Day. I hope it doesn’t interfere with Christmas too much.

Update (11:25am CST)
Apparently, a facsimile of the list has been leaked and they’ve reprinted it over at the Hot Foot blog. Currently, Deadspin and WNBC are linking the same list. However, Deadspin’s post features the “it’s not entirely accurate” caveat.

The biggest name on the leaked list? Albert Pujols. It’s also nice to see Albert Belle’s name in print again.