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Who says women don’t have opinions on sports? Certainly not me. And certainly not New York sports fans, who helped vote Derek Jeter to the tops of the “Best New York Athlete Ever” list.

Yes, I mean ever. Babe Ruth’s legacy couldn’t even hold a candle to Jeter’s beautiful caramel skin and green eyes… oops I mean sports skills.

Jeter received “received 14 percent of the vote, including 17 percent of the female vote and 10 percent of the male vote. Ruth, the Hall of Fame home run hitter and one-time pitcher who retired in 1935, received 11 percent of the overall vote and topped Jeter among New York men with 14 percent.”

Not surprisingly, younger voters tended toward Jeter, while the older ones voted in Ruth. Jeter had the lock on the 18 to 34 year old range, while Ruth was voted in by 50-64 year hold fans. Makes sense, since Jeter is the current Yank and Ruth is long gone. What surprised me the most was the Jeter topped even Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Joe Namath. Wha…?

There is a reason Jeter has the coin to build a city-like mansion: he’s a great player and the Yankees pay him well. But better than Babe Ruth? Well, sure. Jeter is inching his way to get 3,000 career hits as a Yankee. If he does, he’ll be the first player to do it. So I guess that should give him some credit. The thing is, I just can’t help thinking that those green eyes had something to do with it too. Of course, if looks meant anything A-Rod would be on the list, and he didn’t crack the top five. So maybe New York fans do know what they’re talking about.