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Mindy McCreadyApparently, there was some additional meaning behind Mindy McCready’s song “Guys Do It All The Time.” Perhaps she was specifically referring to Roger Clemens, MLB mistresses and 10-year relationships that began when the subject was 15 — at least according to ESPN, the New York Daily News and now the sports blogosphere.

In case you missed it, sources have revealed (whoever they are) Roger Clemens had a 10-year relationship with country singer Mindy McCready, a relationship confirmed by Clemens lawyer, Rusty Hardin.

Of course, Hardin denied their relationship was sexual, but Clemens family favorite, Brian McNamee indicated he saw the two together numerous times while he was his trainer. This includes at the pitcher’s apartment at the Skydome when he pitched for Toronto.

Draw your own conclusions.

Also, I wonder if Dean Cain — who was engaged to the during the Clemens/McCready timeline — feels like “Supe-ing” up and going after the person that might have helped wrecked his relationship. Of course, Cain probably feels like he got out of that mess just in time.

In honor of all this fun, here’s Mindy singing her smash-hit and you have to just wonder if this wasn’t aimed at a particular pitcher in light of these spectacular allegations.