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Eight Sucks

Here’s some great minor league baseball news, just in time for the MLB All Star Game break: In their relatively short lifespan, the Lexington Legends has had their share of interesting stories; the most notable of which was a pre-bad guy Roger Clemens going through a minor league assignment with the team that plays at Applebee’s Park. If the Clemens clan represents the high point for the Legends — not including the co-championship in 2001 — last Thursday night’s shenanigans might represent the low point, at least on a public relations standpoint.

But from the standpoint of a fledgling blogger, dollar beers + drunk college students heckling an opposing outfielder = good times and awesome, drunkenly-created empty beer cup signs that deliver like UPS. The guys at HGHalftimeReport have much, much more (language NSFW):

After spelling “#8 SUCCEEDS” in the fence to please the dickhead, his co-workers, and #8… we went in for the kill. Within seconds we changed our praises of confidence for #8 to what will go down as the greatest prank minor league baseball has ever seen…

As the last cup was placed to spell “#8 SUCKS BALLS + COCK”, the Legends left fielder hit a grand slam into our section. It was an act of God. Every face in the ballpark turned to watch the ball go over the fence but they got more than they expected as they saw our masterpiece. As the ball landed in the stands, the camera man zoomed in on our section not knowing what he was putting on the big screen. It was a success.

The post in question also has some killer pictures of the prank, and amazingly, while the group was removed from the Applebee’s Park for their creative use of empty beer cups, they weren’t permanently banned, meaning this probably isn’t the last time we’ll hear from our heroes.

In fact, the post ends with an ominous warning: “See you next Thursday.” If this is the type of fun we can expect out of the dollar beer bloggers, sign me up as a regular reader.