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McCreadyBy now, you’ve all heard about the Mindy McCready/Roger Clemens hubbub (guys do it all the time, folks) and McCready’s subsequent admittance of the relationship, however, what we haven’t heard about is who leaked this “information” to the New York Daily News. If you remember, in their first article, the Daily News credited sources for these revelations.

My question is, considering how she’s trying to recapture her career and has a reality show called Mending Mindy coming out, could she be the source of the Daily News’ scoop?

I mean, who wouldn’t want a little extra publicity to help market a comeback, regardless if it is glowing or based on an affair. What’s important to a person trying to recapture their lost celebrity status is getting back in the spotlight.

And that’s certainly what’s happened with McCready.

Let’s not forget she also admitted the relationship was, in fact, intimate and that she finds Clemens to be a “kind, caring man.” In other words, she’s feeding the fire the so-called sources ignited by bringing this stuff to the Daily News. The question I find myself asking is, was it McCready herself that spilled the beans to the Daily News, just so she could own up to it a day after the initial report broke.

I’ll say this for Roger Clemens: he’s certainly a valuable person to know if you want to launch or relaunch your fame star. Just ask McNamee and McCready.

In other news, is it a coincidence both of Clemens’ newfound nemeses have an “Mc” at the beginning of their last names? Maybe the two of them conspired against the Rocket. You know, solidarity for people with “Mc”s in their last name.

Whatever the case, this whole Roger Clemens being Munsoned certainly looks like it’s coming to fruition.