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Roger Clemens RookieThe moral of the story regarding the Mitchell Report and well, anything related to steroids is: Don’t Lie To Congress. Just ask Barry “Typographical Error” Bonds and now, Roger Clemens. As you may have heard, Congress wants an investigation, blah, blah, blah, perjury, blah, blah, blah, Roger Clemens. Meanwhile, stuff like this is still going on unchecked.

OK, political soap-boxes aside, Clemens is now a Congressional target and if those pictures of him at Canseco’s party come out, coupled with the Pettitte/McNamee testimony, he’s not going to be able to escape some kind of punishment. However, Clemens isn’t backing down from his denials, either.

Although, the iceberg that could potentially sink his ship is the infamous BBQ pictures. If these see the light of day, then that confirms he is a liar in the eyes of Congress and the rest of the world.

As of now, Clemens wants us all to “get a life” (H/T The Big Lead) and leave him alone. He’s been working out with the Houston Astros, although, one has to question whether or not they would want him and the circus he’ll bring around.

If not, the wonderful women at Babes Love Baseball (Happy Birthday, Sooze!!!) have some ideas how he could spend this upcoming season… provided he’s not on trial for lying to Congress.