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And I still don’t care. Maybe I’m missing the big picture here. Yes, it’s surprising when a sports “hero” is caught cheating, but let’s consider the era we are talking about here. It was such a disgusting time for baseball, so bad it with all of the dirt going on, it made this guy famous — AGAIN — for no reason whatsoever, other than he was willing to rat out his teammates in print to make a buck. Hell, that book single-handedly kick-started the Mitchell Report investigation.

And this A-Rod news is somehow supposed to be earth-shattering?

Yes, it makes all of his accomplishments from his stint with the Rangers going forward look suspect. But if he passes all of his mandatory tests, what else can you do but take at him his word? He said used PEDs and now he doesn’t.

Until there’s a reliable test for HGH, that’s all we can go on — as long as his steroid results continue to return negative. Stripping his MVP, taking away his home runs or putting an asterisk by his name would be a pathetic response, considering how many athletes were “punished” when the Mitchell Report came out.

A-Rod. The best player of the juiced generation … until Bonds exploded, body and bat-wise.