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Yeah, this video is going to be everywhere when the sun comes up so I’ll jump in and enjoy the fun. Last night at the Palace at Auburn Hills, the WNBA decided to put on their version of Malice in the Palace. And what a joyful event it was. Let’s see, we’ve got Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks and Plenette Pierson of the Detroit Shock falling all over each other and this “sparks” a nice little scuffle.

Then we have Cheryl Ford almost blowing her knee out when she tries to break up the fracas — but that’s not even the best part. No, this little distinction goes to Rick Mahorn and his non-push of Lisa Leslie that resulted in Leslie winding up on her backside. Let’s go to the tape:

While the pushing and shoving was entertaining, the whole Rick Mahorn incident will be the focal point of last night’s fun. He denies pushing Leslie, yet it’s awfully clear he does just that at the 36 second mark of the video (and many other moments). I’d like to point out Mahorn is 6-10 and weighs about 270. Granted, Leslie is also 6-10, but she’s 100 pounds lighter.

While there will be fines and suspensions aplenty, the all-girls version of Malice in the Palace will probably wind up hurting the Detroit assistant coach the most. You just can’t go putting your hands on a female — especially when you are the coach of a WNBA team. It’ll be surprising if he makes it through the weekend as an employee of the WNBA.

Of course, there could be a bright side to all this: maybe if we see an increase in WNBA brawls, the interest level will increase as well.