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Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed whenever you have a night that yields a great basketball highlight, it isn’t limited to just one. Take, for instance, Zam Fredrick’s heroics. Normally, that would have been Play of the Day material (it still is), but for some reason, the rest of the basketball world decided to contribute to the memorable plays pile. Teams like Marshall and OKC’s Jeff Green got in on the act.

However, this double alley-oop video might just be the basketball highlight of the day. I’ve been watching college basketball for over 20 years now, and I don’t recall seeing anything quite like what is going on in the lead video. One alley-oop per possession is the norm, but not here. No, the creative coach called for not one, but two alley-oop passes on the same play and viola: you have a basketball highlight to remember.

Added bonus: The play happened in a high school game. I wonder how long before college coaches add this little wrinkle to their repertoire? H/t to Hot Clicks for the find.