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Phil Wins

Much to the chagrin of the AshleyMadison.com supporters everywhere, the good guy won the Masters, which led to a celebration of all things good about the importance of a strong family unit in today’s society. I’m sure Elin Woods was pleased with all those comparisons. Nevertheless, I’m not here to discuss the difference between Phil Mickelson winning the Masters as opposed to Tiger Woods.

I’ll leave that conversation to people who make more money than me.

Instead, I’ll simply ask a question: which shot was bigger in relation to Mickelson’s victory? The eagle he hit on 14 or his “through the trees” save on 13 in the final round?

First off, the eagle:

And the simply brilliant “through the trees and over the water” shot, one which many are already calling the shot of the year:

Because the save put a halt to the “how is Phil going to screw this one up” thoughts, “through the trees” will be probably be remembered more. However, considering Mickelson won by three strokes, the importance of his back-to-back eagles on Saturday shouldn’t be discounted — especially the one on 14. If you say you expected that to happen, you’re a liar. Even Phil was surprised that shot went in.

On the other hand, the fact he was willing to try his “through the trees” shot means he has at least some belief the shot would work. The fact that it worked almost perfectly shouldn’t take away from the brilliance of Saturday’s eagle.