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Tiger and Phil

As you well know, the US Open began today and there’s already some storylines worth following. First, we have, of course, the Tigernator returning after knee surgery. His day began with a double-bogey on the first hole thanks to a horrible tee shot. He now stands at +1 after making a birdie on the fourth hole.

His playing mate for this round — and Rick Reilly fave — Phil Mickelson is currently +3 after bogeying holes four, five and six. So much for that, eh, Rick? The current leaders are Patrick Sheehan and Steve Stricker. Both are at -4 and have or are ready to make the turn on the back nine. Of course, these scores and leader positions will probably change a handful of times over the next four days, but having a lead at any point during the US Open has to feel like a sense of accomplishment.

Other stories to keep an eye on: Adam Scott, the third of the Tiger/Phil/other golfer threesome broke his pinkie by slamming it in a car door. However, he’s currently even while Tiger and Phil are still over. I guess Scott’s finger trumps Tiger’s knee.

There are a number of places to keep up the goings-on at Torrey Pines, including the US Open’s official site and, of course, ESPN. However, I will say that Jason Sobel’s live-blogging exercise seems kind of forced. You don’t have to force things like “Tiger is rocking a soft-grey pant/cap combo” just to sound cool and appeal to some of the younger readers.

Unfortunately, the official Torrey Pines site looks like it was designed in Frontpage. Oh well. I guess we all can’t be Augusta National.