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Apparently, you better not make a peep of a sound when Tripp Isenhour is at the golf tee. Because a red-shouldered hawk was making noise while Isenhour was filming a golf instruction segment, the mid-level PGA pro (ZERO dollars on the 2008 PGA money list) decided he’d play the roll of an SPCA representative and rid himself of nature’s irritant:

According to court documents, Isenhour got upset when a red-shouldered hawk began making noise, forcing another take. He began hitting balls at the bird, then 300 yards away, but gave up.

Isenhour started again when the hawk moved within about 75 yards, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer Brian Baine indicated in a report.

Isenhour allegedly said “I’ll get him now,” and aimed for the hawk.

“About the sixth ball came very near the bird’s head, and [Isenhour] was very excited that it was so close,” Baine wrote.

A few shots later, witnesses said he hit the hawk. The bird, protected as a migratory species, fell to the ground bleeding from both nostrils.

What a guy. Maybe Isenhour is friends with David Motari? Naturally, the accused tried to deny the whole thing by saying there’s no way he could’ve hit it. A sound engineer who was there for the filming disagrees:

“He just kept saying how he didn’t think he could have hit it, which I think is a stupid thing for a PGA Tour golfer to say,” said Jethro Senger, a sound engineer at the shoot. “He can put a ball in a hole from hundreds of yards away, and here he is hitting line drives at something that’s, I don’t know, a couple hundred feet away?”

Again, what a guy. Don’t look now, but is that PETA knocking at the Isenhour door? One can only hope.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the whole matter:


Much, much greater than.