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Tiger Woods Knee

The most famous ACL on the planet was surgically repaired yesterday and the procedure was considered a success. The ACL reconstruction (welcome to the club, Tiger) was Woods’ second knee surgery this year. His first cleaned up some cartilage issues he was having, although, these may have been caused while performing on an injured ACL.

Woods indicated he injured his knee while jogging after last year’s British Open. This means Tiger has been playing with a torn ACL since last summer. The doctors who performed the procedure don’t foresee any lingering effects for Tiger and feel the surgery shouldn’t impact his ideas for longevity:

“We were confident going into this surgery, and I am pleased with the results,” Dr. Thomas D. Rosenberg said in a statement released by IMG, Woods’ management company.

“There were no surprises during the procedure, and as we have said, with the proper rehabilitation and training, it is highly unlikely that Mr. Woods will have any long-term effects as it relates to his career.”

There’s been no word on when El Tigre’ will begin his rehabilitation, either at his site or in the various news reports. Unfortunately for Tiger fans, the PGA and sports fans in general, the surgery will keep Tiger off the PGA Tour for the remainder of the year. There was an opportunity to continue your Tiger enjoyment but sadly, that time has passed: Yesterday, you had a chance to buy Tiger’s apple core.

Unfortunately, the auction has ended.

Maybe some aspiring Oliver Wendell Holmes type will try and clone him if his DNA is still intact.

Update: Could it be the apple auction was fake? Surely you jest.