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Tiger Woods

While he may not have shot his best golf, there’s no denying Tiger Woods is officially back, and he’s already in control of the PGA Tour, at least from a popularity standpoint. Of course, that’s not why Woods plays the sport — I’m thinking he really likes to win, but maybe that’s just me — but the fact remains, there isn’t a more popular star in the sports world right now. Who else would generate this kind of press for a opening round 3 and 2 win in a non-PGA Major event? Certainly not Phil Mickelson or Anthony Kim or Sergio Garcia (the list continues).

Any worries about his reconstructed knee ligament were answered when Woods was delayed on one of the back nine holes. He thought his knee might stiffen up during the wait. It did not. Woods also indicated he felt no pain in legs, although he did acknowledge ACL recovery is an everyday process.

Tiger’s second round opponent is Tim Clark, who also won his round, 3 and 2. Those in the know about golf (more so than me, anyway) think today’s round will be more of a difficult match for Woods, but I’m not sure how you can bet against him, although, they point out Tiger destroyed Clark 5 and 4 two years ago in the same tournament.

But that was a pre-surgery rust Tiger and even though he’s shown to be a Terminator, maybe expectations — especially right out of the box — should be tempered. The pair are scheduled to tee off at 2:02 EST.