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Tiger's Family

One of the commands of knee rehabilitation is to move the joint as much as you can stand to. Naturally, this includes walking without crutches, stair climbing, and other leg-strengthening exercises. However, in the case of Tiger Woods, there’s an additional workout he’s been using involving his wife Elin; one that results in the family size increases.

In other words, it’s obvious Tiger has been putting his free time to good use based on the announcement he and his wife are expecting their second child. Tiger’s first child, daughter Sam, was born in June of 2007.

I’m expecting their second to be a boy, so Tiger’s reign on the golf course continues because it’s obvious Sam was created to allow the Woods name to stake a claim in women’s golf. When you consider the gene pool, it’s not that hard to fathom. Of course, they could always be named the heirs to the Nike throne as well — or at least Nike’s golf “I exist solely because of Tiger Woods” department.

Another thought is maybe Tiger’s trying to keep his golf legacy going after he retires. Imagine his daughter growing up to dominate the LPGA and his newest addition — provided it’s a boy — furthering the Woods name on the men’s side, complete with red polos on Sunday and reinvented swings that make him even more dominant?

Saying the media frenzy would be out of control is an exercise in understatement.