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It’s hard to deny Tiger Woods’ appeal. It’s also something that’s really easy to measure. We all know about the ratings for golf when Tiger plays as opposed to when he doesn’t. We’ve also learned about the Church of Tiger Woods — which is exactly what it sounds like.

With all of that in mind, it’s easy to see why “Tigerbole” is well on its way to becoming part of the nomenclature. Tiger has become such an integral part of society — even beyond sports — that when he talks, people listen. Like, for instance, this interview he did with Kenny Mayne discussing his knee, his US Open victory and whether or not he participated at Torrey Pines:

Tiger, for some reason, I kind of doubt your father would ever call you a “stubborn ass,” or whatever it is you said there.

In other news, addressing the whole “Tiger is the best athlete on the planet” talk. From my limited perspective, I view Tiger has one of the most skilled athletes out there but probably not the “best.” Can he run and jump like Kobe? Doubtful? Can he catch like Randy Moss or throw pinpoint bombs like Tom Brady? Again, it’s doubtful. Can he run like Usian Bolt? I’d have to say no.

But can any of those above athletes hit a golf ball — over and over and over and over again — with the skill and surgical precision Tiger demonstrates? i think you know the answer here.

And because of that, I have no problem calling him the “most skilled athlete” of this new era.