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Tiger and Paddy

Tiger Woods and Paddy Harrington continued their hot play at the PGA Championship, carrying over from the Bridgestone Tournament that saw both golfers battle last Sunday, until, that is, the 16th hole. No word as to whether or not these two were put on the clock today. Judging by Harrington’s score (-4), it’s a safe bet they weren’t. Woods finished his opening round at -5 and it looks like he will be battling Harrington, again, for the win over the next three days. Woods’ nice score came primarily from his mastery of Hazeltine’s par 5 holes, of which there are four of them.

If he continues to shoot under on these holes, while parring the majority of the rest, Woods will probably stroll to victory on Sunday, giving him his first major championship of the season, and solidifying his “Best Golfer in the World” position.

Has for Harrington, these next three days provides ample opportunity to get rid of the bad aftertaste the 16th at Bridgestone undoubtedly left.