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Tiger Woods had a busy weekend. Not only did he win the Buick Open, his 69th PGA Tour win, he also secured the number-one ranking in the FedEx Cup standings with nine top-10 finishes this season. Oh, and Tiger demonstrated his love of on-course flatulence. What we have in the lead video is Woods and caddy Steve Williams enjoying the sounds of a loud fart while waiting to take his second shot on the 18th hole. Although, there seems to be some confusion about who dealt the offending noise.

Some blogs are reporting it was Tiger — even the YouTube title reflects this — but when I saw this happen during the live feed, I was under the impression they simply overheard someone nearby. This explanation fits when you watch Williams’ reaction. After the relieving gas was passed, both Williams and Woods looked to their right, which leads me to believe the offending wind-breaker was off-camera.

Considering how it sounded during the broadcast, if it was Tiger, I doubt Williams would’ve just stood there laughing. Perhaps if he ran away screaming — because something that audible probably doesn’t smell good — then I’d be more apt to believe it was Woods. Awesomely enough, Google’s suggest search is already up to speed with yesterday’s flatulence:

Tiger Woods Search

Anyway, back to Tiger: for such a “disappointing” year, being the number-one ranked golfer in the PGA’s “playoff” standings has to provide a feeling of redemption. Now if he can just win one pesky Major — the PGA Championship — his tale might be one of the greater “come back” stories in sports. The only thing that stops us from fawning over this season is the lack of Major wins on Tiger’s resume.

Update: The PGA keeps pulling the videos, because, I guess, any pub is NOT good pub… Or something like that.