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In case you’ve missed it, Golf Channel analyst, Kelly Tilghman did her best Fuzzy Zoeller impression when, discussing Tiger’s dominance with Nick Faldo, suggested the younger golfers should, “Lynch him in a back alley.” Needless to say, Tilghman’s mic’d brilliance didn’t go over very well.

Embracing the damage control reaction, Tilghman issued an apology to Woods and being the media savvy individual he is, Tiger let her off the hook by saying her comments were a non-issue.

Anyway, here’s the video, courtesy of SbB (via FanIQ). It was said both chuckled awkwardly, but I’ll think you’ll find it was Faldo who was the most uncomfortable. His expression reminds me of something like, “what the hell were you thinking, you daft woman,” but that’s just me.

PS: If you get a chance, try running down the comments from her apology article on Fox Sports. It’s brilliant reading for the whole family.