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Tiger Woods

Or you can blame Milli Vanilli if you’d like. Regardless of who gets your ire, one thing’s for certain concerning the US Open: There isn’t any golf being played right now, thanks to that age-old baseball excuse, rain. That’s right, the US Open is experiencing a rain delay, and it must be pretty damn fierce — like Caddyshack-fierce — for the PGA officials to suspend play. Nevertheless, that’s where we are. For the Tiger watchers, Woods is currently 1-over par, trailing the 1-under leaders, Jeff Brehaut and three others, by two strokes.

If the rain continues, a distinct possibility, the first round could very well extend until tomorrow. The upcoming forecast doesn’t look incredibly promising, either. With all of that in mind, let me finish the way I started: with Milli Vanilli:

Yeah, I went there. Want to make something of it?