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The Kelly Tilghman incident is coming back into rotation as the she prepares to rejoin the Golf Channel as her suspension comes to an end (just in time for the Tiger-dominated Buick Invitational) today. Just in time for the necessary celebrations, NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown spoke with Sage Steele on ESPN First Take about Tiger’s reaction to Tilghman’s lynching comments.

Needless to say, Brown wasn’t too pleased with Tiger for letting her off the hook. He goes on to say that the word “lynch” has no redeeming qualities to it and Tiger has a responsibility to speak out when something like this happens. Brown also said Tiger waited until the politically correct moment to speak:

So for all of those who think words don’t have meaning, to some, they absolutely do. Was Tilghman being a malicious racist when she used that unfortunate term? Probably not. But she should’ve used a lot more forethought before opening her mouth.