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Is there a better way to start the day than with the unmistakable wailing of Stephen Tyler, especially when you can use his work in relation to yours? Absolutely not, I say, even if we are this close to Christmas. The reason I broke out this timeless classic is because there’s something … well, weird going on in the world of golf this morning. According to a report on Fox Sports the following individual — Lana Lawless — won a ladies long-drive contest at Mesquite, Nevada:

Lady Golfer Dude

The only problem is, Lawless used to be a man.

The article in question is full of quotable goodies about the person in question, like this gem:

“Sure, I used to be a man. For 18 years, I was a cop for the city of Rialto, one of the most violent cities in Southern California. I worked the gang unit. I had a very tough and mean exterior. People didn’t want to mess with me.

“I had a hard exterior, but I was compassionate inside. I always let the gay guys go; they had enough drama in their lives.”

And this:

“I am shocked more women are not complaining about this,” three-time world champion Sean “The Beast” Fister said. “It’s not an apples-to- apples deal. Men and women are different.”

Sean “The Beast” Fister? I wonder how he earned his nickname and if it has anything to do with his last name? OK, that was a little low-class, but I blame the article. Reading something that salacious in the morning gets the brain working in ways it probably shouldn’t when you are working on a corporate blog, but sometimes, some things are too good to keep to yourself.

As it stands, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be an awful lot of fallout from Lawless’ victory, because of a 2005 rule that allowed “transgender involvement in competition,” which is just about as awesome as you can get.

H/t to Jason Miller over at WebProNews for pointing this out to me.