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“I’m all right. Don’t nobody worry bout me.” Words of wisdom from the movie that launched the career of Michael O’Keefe, bka Danny Noonan from one of the best, most quotable sports movies ever: Caddyshack. Words cannot describe the joy this movie has delivered, and rightfully so. There’s a quality in Caddyshack that’s severely lacking in most of the “modern era” sports movies (Rebound, anyone?).

Danny Noonan

Anyway, as pointed out by Jamie Mottram at Mr Irrelevant, Danny Noonan is back and he’s blogging for Yahoo Sports, as Michael O’Keefe, of course, but even he acknowledges the Noooooooooooooonan reference (how can you not). In his post, “Danny” discusses golfing with the Manning clan (“Miss it, Noonan”).

He also makes his preference known about who he wants to win in the Dallas/NY Giants game coming up on Sunday (he’s a New York fan). So, if you’re like me and have a soft sport for anything Caddyshack-related; or if you are a golf enthusiast, make sure you check out his blog.

With all that Caddyshack going on in my head, it would be only right if you left you with a compilation video of the gopher, backed by the brilliant stylings of Kenny Loggins and “I’m Alright.” What a way to start the weekend.