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Boston Celtics Dancers

The NBA Playoffs start tomorrow and for today’s IEC award, we are going to focus on the lovely ladies who make up the Eastern Conference playoff attendee cheerleaders. What the plan is, leading off with the Celtics — you know, best team and all — to present the stoppage-in-play entertainment so you can know what to concentrate on during this next month or so.

Today, we are going to start with the Eastern Conference dancers, featuring our favorite from each respective squad. We plan on doing this tomorrow with the Western Conference. Enjoy. Since our topper image is of the Celtics, we can start here.

Favorite Celtics Dancer

We like Alexis. A lot. See more of her here.

Favorite Hawks Dancer
Click for bigger image

Destin is the one for us. More of her here.

Favorite Cavaliers Dancer

The Cavaliers site isn’t the best when it comes to exploiting their dance team. Nevertheless, from what we can tell, we like Stephanie. A bunch. More here.

Favorite Wizards Dancer

Click for bigger image

Sarah’s the magician here. See much more about the Wizards Dancers here.

Favorite Magic Dancer


We’re awfully fond of Megan, although, I was surprised at the, um, quality of the Magic Dancers. See for yourself.

Favorite Raptors Dancer


We like Vanessa an awful lot. You can see more Raptors Dancers here.

Favorite Pistons Dancer


Caitlin is the one that makes us act like Rasheed Wallace when a foul’s called on him. More here.

Favorite 76ers Dancer


Finally, we have Kelly from the 76ers Dance Team to close us out — although I think I COMPLETELY overlooked Erica. Yes, I believe so.

Not offense to Kelly. Not at all.

Well, sorry for the scroll monster but I think it was worth it. A couple of these images have “click for bigger views” on them so make sure you don’t miss out.

What, exactly, does this have to do with who is going to win what playoff series I’m not sure. But these dancers are certainly easy to look at.

Enjoy the basketball, provided you aren’t distracted by the above lovelies. We’ll be back tomorrow with a look at what the Western Conference has to offer.