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Lindsey Vonn

In honor of winning the first US Women’s World Cup downhill title since 1996, we felt it wise to acknowledge the natural beauty of US Skier Lindsey Vonn. Not every award has to go to the most scantily-clad… Although, those qualities don’t hurt. In this case however, bikinis and hot-tub poses are not necessary.

Not only is she easy on the eyes, but Lindsey also has a helluva lot of talent to go along with her decidedly non-plastic look (a bonus in these parts). Unfortunately, she’s married. But that shouldn’t deter us from enjoying her athletic accomplishments as well as her visual pleasantries.

Congratulations, Lindsey. On your World Cup title and your IEC award. Wear them with pride.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn

For equal time purposes, here’s a video of Lindsey owning a recent downhill speed event. She’s got ski skillz.

Update: Since Intentional Foul discovered Lindsey Vonn, she has now graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. You should certainly check out the photos and videos. Here’s a little preview!

Lindsey Vonn SI Swimsuit

Courtesy of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition