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Granted, we debuted this little feature yesterday and while this may seem a little overkill-ish, we actually have two legitimate reasons for making another Intentional Eye Candy post today:

1st – Fridays will be the normal day for these posts and I’d like to get this on a regular schedule.

2nd – Two words: Amanda Cicchini. That right there is reason enough for a “repeat” post.

Thanks to BarStoolSports, we have been introduced to West Virginia soccer player Amanda Cicchini, a junior mid-fielder, who, by all accounts is a competent player with appearances on the mid-Atlantic region first and second teams. However, her soccer-playing ability is not the reason she’s become an Internet star.

No, as is usually the case for most females with Internet fame, her appearance is based on her level of hotness and her willingness to take pictures and post them on the Web, something BSS did a brilliant job of bringing to us.

Judging from the images, let’s just say Amanda has good reason to play soccer, considering just how strong her lower body looks.

Congrats Amanda, you are the second winner of this illustrious award ever. Wear it proudly, much like you did that red dress in that one pic… Have a happy Friday folks.