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Or, when Sports Memes go bad… Either or.

OK folks, time for a little clarification. As sports bloggers, we provide a collective effort to bring you some of the hotties of the sports world, fans included, and thanks to those wonderful folks at Poon of the SEC, this endeavor is a little easier. However, some mistakes were made along the way.

These are not LSU fans (well maybe they are, but this isn’t what their shirts said originally):

Not LSU Fans

and here is the original pic:


Can you say, “Photoshop?” I thought you could. Anyway, here’s the original image, courtesy of SportsbyBrooks, and as you can see, the subjects are promoting something other than the LSU Tigers (long-term back pain, maybe). If I’m not mistaken, this was the first post these ‘Shopped SbB hotties showed up on…

And yes, this does come from having too much time on my hands. ;)