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Jedi Jerseys

There are times in a man’s life where mere words cannot describe what it is his eyes are seeing. The level of awesome (or evil for that matter) is so high and leaves such an indelible impression, the ability to articulate exits your body.

Welcome to one of those times.

What we have is a release of Star Wars-themed athletic apparel. Are you a Darth Vader fan? Yoda? Boba Fett? Let the world know how you role and who you root for with unmistakable Star Wars style.

Vader Hockey

Ladies, are you tired of your sports fan man being attractive to the opposite sex? One of these Star Wars jerseys should do the trick. Completely. Think of it as female repellent. Of course, there are those of us who are Star Wars fans, love sports and have actually managed to trap a woman find a girlfriend that tolerates wouldn’t mind if you wore one of these with pride … Guilty.

Although, I’m scared of the implications of my admissions.

Bonus: these were discovered by the sports blogosphere just in time for Christmas. This can’t be coincidental. See more of the Star Wars sports apparel here. The collection is a tad expensive — $109.99 for every item — but they are certainly worth browsing through, even if you are a “NERDS!!!” type of guy.


Insight is never a bad thing. Neither is Star Wars athletic attire.