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SportsByBrooks, before becoming an awfully prominent sports blog (much to the denizens of Fark’s dismay), was known as a site that featured an awful lot of attractive “sports babes” who appeared for SbB-sponsored sports trivia contests at various So-Cal bars. There are tons of galleries of these appearances, preserving those memories for your personal pleasure.

One lady in particular got a level of notoriety — no, I’m not talking about Denise Milani, either — for a Photoshop mix-up. I’m referring to SbB girl Jessica (6, to be exact).

However, what happens to these fledgling sports hotties once they get “discovered? Some go on to to be big boob Internet models, while others try the nude pin-up route (NSFW). Then there are the Jen Stergers of the world — ladies who have remained relevant for the very reason they became so.

SbB girl Jessica, however (or Jessi, how she’s now known), stayed with the sports gig and now one of the of ladies offering sports and attractive, big-busted views over at the Fantasy Sports Girl site (registration required).

She even does video too:

Her route is a similar one: she’s gone from appearing in tank-tops at bars for sports trivia night, to being confused for a hot LSU fan, to someone who actually gets to talk about the sports she was exploited for when she began appearing on the web. Granted, the format still calls for Jessi to appear as bodacious as she can, but at least she’s allowed to be seen and heard now.

Another bonus, it doesn’t look like Jessi’s being subjected to poor Photoshop attempts because these certainly seem real:

Jessi Jessi

If you don’t mind being a made-up face with big boobs and tank tops, there’s a career in the sports blogosphere waiting on you. You might have to start out small in local bars, holding trivia score cards, but take it from Jessi, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Furthermore, Jessi’s the only one I noticed who started with an SbB stint. There may be more.