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Purple Beckham

While were not smitten with David Beckham, we acknowledge what he is: a pop culture icon who can do some wicked things with a soccer ball — as long as he’s in either the US or taking a free kick — and happens to be married to another pop culture icon; a relationship that reminds us of England’s version of Brad and Angelina.

Because of his pop-culture status, some seem to forget Beckham actually does something to earn some of this notoriety, unlike his wife who is still riding the Spice Girls wave, one that should have dissipated years and years ago.

Recently, Becks received his 100th cap for the English soccer/football team and to celebrate, his teammates gave him a little gift — a golden, 32-gig iPod, complete with engravings of England’s crest, his name and the occasion:

Gold iPod

See, even his iPod is awesome. I’m guessing the gold case is a play on his “Goldenballs” nickname. David Beckham: cooler than you or I could ever hope to imagine. The iPod just solidified his position.

H/T to You Been Blinded for the find.