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ASU Cheerleaders

It seems the Arizona State cheerleading squad isn’t getting punished for their foray into the world of risqué Internet images. They are being absorbed by another department.
No cheer positions are being cut but some of the more athletic activities such as stunts and tumbling were being eliminated for safety reasons. That might mean that some cheerleaders whose strength was in the athletic areas may not make the new squad — I have no idea.

The photo in question appeared just recently on the Internet. A univeristy official confirmed that the women were either former or current squad members. The decision on the cheerleading squad coming under different oversight was announced mid-week. A university spokesman said the timing of the two events was “totally coincidental.”

So there you have it. I guess this is good news for all the other cheerleading squads that are wanting to have some sexy time, complete with digital cameras, MySpace, Facebook and Flickr.

And you, my friends, will be the beneficiaries.