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Ana Ivanovic

The alluring tennis player understands what her audience wants to see and she’s obliging them; well, at least her masculine fans. For the upcoming Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, Ana has agreed to wear a shorter skirt in order to attract more male fans (I doubt that’s a problem when she’s playing).

In case you are wondering, Ana’s tennis skirt will be two inches shorter:

“She’s a wonderful tennis player and a beautiful woman, but let’s face it, guys go to women’s matches to watch their skirts flip up while serving,” said Alan Garver, a representative from IMG. “Catching a glimpse of peach-colored panties, as delicate beads of perspiration slowly cascade down tight and tanned thighs, can be a splendid thing.

It often inspires the older male fans to harken back to their innocent youth and the days of grabbing their first breast or swapping spit with their cousin’s older girlfriend. So, on a business level, the hiking of the skirt works.”

Goodness. I didn’t realize the WTA was into the Letters to Penthouse industry. How come other sports spokespeople don’t try frame their offering like IMG is doing Ana?

I’m sure this is exactly what Billy Jean King envisioned when she whipped Bobby Riggs’ ass: shorter skirts on the attractive female players (actually, this is something BJK might support) and their representatives pitching it like it’s a Skinemax movie.

In other news, you gotta love The Sportsman Daily. Good stuff, as always.