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Marcus McClinton

After 3-plus quarters of offensive inefficiency, the Kentucky Wildcats actually found themselves in a position to not lose to Alabama at the end of regulation on Saturday. All Kentucky needed to do to capitalize on their opportunity was recover an onside kick; never the easiest of options, but an option nonetheless.

Enter Lones Seiber, Kentucky’s ex-place kicker, reduced to extra point duties after being replaced by Ryan Tydlacka. Despite his heroics against LSU last season, Seiber has struggled mightily with his kicking duties, hence the relegation to extra points. Despite that, Seiber retained UK’s onside kicking responsibilities, although after the following effort, Rich Brooks is probably rethinking his decision.

The kick in question — the worst onside kick attempt in the history of football — isn’t until the end of the video, around the 2:57 mark:

Did he just bowl the ball like he was attacking a ten-pin? You might, I don’t know, actually try to incorporate a high bounce into your onside kick repertoire next time.