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Urban and Tim

For all of those Notre Dame Irish fans hoping Urban Meyer would swoop down and rescue them from the blight known as Charlie Weis, perhaps you should temper your expectations. Unless Meyer is taking a stab at Nick Saban’s way of choosing a new job, the Florida coach essentially told the Irish “no” today by saying he’ll be at Florida as “long as they will have me.” The Irish boosters should’ve moved a lot faster when Meyer was at Utah, because it doesn’t look like they’ll have the chance now that’s firmly entrenched in Gainesville. Speculation about Meyer leaving for the Notre Dame job came back around last season when, while waiting for the BCS Championship game against Oklahoma, he was asked about coaching in South Bend.

Although he later corrected himself, Meyer indicated in a December 2008 interview Notre Dame was his “dream job.”

Memo to Irish fans hoping Meyer would be their savior: Keep dreaming. Now, this doesn’t mean the Irish — who haven’t officially fired anybody yet — won’t court the current king of college football with a multi-million dollar offer somewhere in the $5 million per year neighborhood, because they probably will. It just means the chances of Meyer taking such an offer, if you believe what he says, are slim, which isn’t too surprising.

On the surface, Florida just looks like the easier job. Because the state is so talent-rich in prep football talent, recruiting in Florida is much, much easier than it is at Notre Dame. Of course, if Meyer wins another BCS title — his third since his tenure began in 2005 — he’ll be able to name his price and the Florida athletic department will gladly pay it.

In light of Meyer’s statement, will the Irish even try to court him (I say yes), or will they instead turn to Cincinnati head coach, Brian Kelly?