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Bob Stoops
Bob Stoops isn’t even sure

We are nearing the midway point for the college football season, schedule-wise, anyway, and in light of the SEC/Big 12 article at Fox Sports, questions about who has the best team remain. Sure, the cream has started rising to the top as teams like Oklahoma, Missouri, Penn State, LSU, Alabama and Texas stand out; but forgetting about teams like Texas Tech, BYU, and the one-loss gang of Florida, LSU, USC and Ohio State is foolish.

In fact, any of the 12 teams I just mentioned could make the BCS Championship game.

With that in mind, who is the best team in the land — at this point of the season, anyway? The national rankings have the top five as follows:

1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
3. Missouri
4. LSU
5. Texas

Which is hard to argue against, but it in no way paints a clear picture. Honestly, if you want something crystal clear about a particular college sport and the best teams within, football is not the best option. Nature of the bowl system and all that. Nevertheless, discussions like this are why reporters and bloggers have so much to talk about. Just because we don’t get a definitive answer doesn’t mean we won’t talk about it.

So which team is it? Oklahoma? LSU? Missouri? All of the teams in the top five have weaknesses to go with their stables of talent; some more glaring than the others: Does LSU have a legitimate quarterback to lead them? Can Missouri stop any of the big names they’ll have to face in the Big 12, the championship game and beyond? Will any of the teams in the top five survive their conference schedule unscathed (no, probably not)? If these five do fall at one point, which of the one-loss teams is most likely to jump into their spot?

Of the top five, it looks like LSU has the easiest remaining schedule, although Missouri has a dog in this fight as well. After next week’s trip to Gainesville, the Tigers only have two more road games this season — one at South Carolina and then they are at home until the final game when they travel to Arkansas. If the Tigers can survive their trip to Florida, their toughest remaining game will be against Georgia, who they play in Baton Rouge.

On the other hand, Texas and Oklahoma both have tough schedules that could derail BCS hopes and dreams.

Clearly, with everything in mind, BYU is the best team in the country*.

*And by that I mean, team in the best position to make the BCS Championship game — at least in regards to BYU.