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While this post’s title might be a little long in the tooth, it’s perfectly fitting; and it should be noted this post is not being written by a fan of Kansas State.  Instead, this writer is a fan of common sense and fair play, and the penalty endured by Kansas State after wide receiver Adrian Hilburn saluted the crowd after he scored what may have been a game-tying score, provided the two-point conversion was taken from it’s normal position on the field.  Instead, the officials — a Big Ten crew no less — decided Hilburn’s salute, an act Webster’s defines as “to address with expressions of kind wishes, courtesy, or honor,” was in the same vein as spiking the ball in the defense’s face, or disrespecting your opponent by taking your helmet off in a “look at me, I’m the man” display of bravado.

Are you f**king kidding me?  That’s the best they can do?

In light of the of the NCAA’s whiny response to the flak they’ve taken in light of the Ohio State and Auburn rulings — meanwhile, no Enes — if the NCAA gave one damn about fairness, Mark Emmert would order both teams back to Yankee Stadium, put them through a one-hour practice/warm up session and replay the extra point attempt from the correct yard marker instead of allowing the game to end is such unbelievably shoddy fashion, but none of that will ever happen because the NCAA doesn’t give one damn about fairness.

They care more about money, and if you have any doubt about that, ask yourself why the Ohio State players are being allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl again.  Of course, we live in a world where bowl game presidents have much more sway than any notion of fair play ever will.

Oh, and if the NCAA and Emmert did indeed care about fairness, after replaying the two-point conversion correctly, they’d outright fire the officiating crew so that they never infect a college football game with such horseshit again.  I’ll be sure and hold my breath waiting for this return to true fair play.

Be sure and warn me once I start turning blue.