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Nebraska CornhuskersI’m sitting here watching Nebraska play their last day-after-Thanksgiving game as a member of the Big 12 conference. I don’t know if bittersweet is the right word, but it’s…something. I was actually a pretty big Husker fan in high school. I even had one of my senior pics taken in a Tommie Frazier jersey. (I’ll spare you the actual pic. For some reason I thought white socks looked good with soccer sandals. Geez, the fashion of late 90s Iowa!)

How will the Huskers football team fare in the Big Ten? That’s probably the biggest question here in west central Iowa. Most of my buddies lean towards Iowa City, but a few even lean towards Ames, while fewer still lean towards Lincoln. The general consensus, bias considered, is Nebraska will be a middle-of-the-conference team. Hawk fans don’t think they can beat the Hawks. Cyclone fans are glad to get rid of them. Husker fans don’t care because they’re Husker fans and Nebraska football is all there is…the opponent doesn’t matter.

Why is Bo Pelini so angry? His rant last week on his quarterback Martinez was way out of line, and his berating of the officials was significantly worse. With all the coaches who have been fired for questionable behavior recently in college football, you’d think there would be some backlash here. His public “scolding” by Nebraska’s chancellor doesn’t hold much weight with me.

Is Nebraska the victim of a conspiracy? Against Texas A&M last week the Huskers had 16 penalties versus just 2 for the Aggies. Are the officials working against them as punishment for bailing on the Big 12? Or is it just because under Pelini Nebraska is an extremely aggressive team?

If the move to the Big Ten doesn’t pay immediate dividends, will it hurt Tom Osborne’s legacy? He was a big advocate of the move. If the Huskers aren’t successful early, do fans start to second guess the decision to switch conferences?

Where is Lawrence Philips?