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While South Carolina was choking one away against LSU, for some reason, Gamecock quarterback Stephen Garcia got shoulder blocked by the field umpire for reasons that no one has been made aware of yet.

Here’s the video:

Nice form on that tackle, ump! See how he stayed squared up to the player before making the hit? It’s called fundamentals, folks.

As indicated, no one seems to have an explanation for why that happened. Perhaps the official thought he was in a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial and thought it was his responsibility to prolong the game for the B-Dubs crowd … Or maybe Garcia was mouthing off, saying stuff like, “you couldn’t tackle me if I let you, you blind zebra!” and the ump decided to prove the mouthy quarterback wrong.

As you can see, I’m grasping at straws.

This video is currently being seen around pretty much the entire sports blogosphere, so I’ll just hat-tip the entire industry.