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Steve Spurrier

College football’s back!!! Let the heavens sing and the people party. While tonight’s reintroduction to the sport designed to spark months of conversations of postseason controversy doesn’t feature a marquee game — Southern Mississippi at South Carolina — what it symbolizes is good enough. And hey, anytime you get to watch Steve Spurrier juggle quarterbacks, especially when a true freshman is in the mix, times are good.

So let’s raise our glasses to the return of fall weekends devoted to crazy signs behind Lee Corso’s head; Kirk Herbstreit’s perfectly-coiffed hair; a chance to hear Keith Jackson’s voice, even if it is in commercial format; hot college fans and cheerleaders; Layla Kiffin; the SEC on CBS; the madness that is Boise State crashing BCS parties; red sweater vests; new Nike Pro Combat uniforms; Heisman hopefuls; and for me, the return of Randall Cobb — just to name a few.

UCLA Cheerleaders

Life, as we know it, is now good again. To help celebrate, here’s what might be the best rap song about football. Ever.

Yeah, it’s concentrating on the Wildcats, but the chorus reigns supreme:

“It’s the sport of kings, better than diamond rings. Football.”