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There’s a huge game coming up this weekend when the Crimson Sabans of Alabama invade the home of the Georgia Bulldogs for their prime time Saturday night match up. To celebrate such a big game, the Bulldogs revealed they would be donning their “blackout” uniforms, something both coaches had fun with in their respective press conference.

Nick Saban wore a black Alabama polo, saying it was the only shirt he found that morning.

Nick Saban

Not to be outdone, Georgia’s Mark Richt showed up at his presser wearing a red Georgia shirt, saying essentially the same thing as Saban. Oh, how we love gamesmanship.

Mark Richt

It doesn’t stop there, however. During practice, Bama assistant Scott Cochran wasn’t impressed with UGAs choice of uniform, saying they need the color black for their upcoming funeral.

Look! Video!

The Bama/UGA game Saturday night at 7:45/6:45 Central on ESPN.