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Fire Phil

Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer is not on solid ground right now and it might just crumble completely unless the Volunteers experience a turnaround of magnitude in the next three or so weeks. Currently, the Vols stand at a disappointing 3-5 — remember, Tennessee started the season ranked in the top 25 — and word is, a 6-6 record might not save Fulmer’s job.

7-5 might not either.

While these rumblings come across as speculation based on some insider conversations, it’s blatantly obvious no one is happy with how the 2008 season is turning out for the Vols. After winning the SEC East in 2007, a lot more was expected out of Fulmer’s bunch, and to this point, the entire team has failed miserably.

If these insiders are correct, it doesn’t sound like there’s much Fulmer can do to secure his future, even if his team wins out. Although, if they do win four-in-a-row, plus the bowl game, he could see a stay of execution. Tennessee’s remaining games include:

at South Carolina
at Vanderbilt

Of which, Tennessee will probably win at least two — but if the post is correct, that won’t be enough for another Fulmer term.

H/t to LWS, the first place I heard these rumblings.