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Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops

There’s a football game of some note on tonight, but the delay’s been so long now, I’ve almost forget which two teams are involved and what it is they are playing for? Oh, that’s right. Tebow versus Bradford. Stoops versus Meyer. Percy Harvin versus his ankle. Florida’s D versus Oklahoma’s offense (and vice versa). So on and so on.

Regardless of your thoughts about bowls and BCS mathematics, the game, provided it’s played like we hope it is, should be an entertaining one–something the BCS Championship Game needs. Judging by the way the results work and the two teams involved, I think we’re due another USC/Texas-style of ballgame.

For what it’s worth, the media is picking the Gators, as is Obama.

Meanwhile, a member of Oklahoma’s defense isn’t too impressed by Percy Harvin, continuing the high level of smack talk that’s been going on as the game gets closer and closer. It must be all that time off between games. Players get bored (or tired of hearing about Player X and Player Y) and express themselves while hot-commodity coaches wax poetic about dream jobs while scaring the hell out of their fanbase.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed; especially when there’s nothing to do but talk about a game you don’t get to play for over a month.

Ah, the wonders of the BCS. I’m sure Utah feels the same way we all do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like things will change anytime soon, regardless of how many great pieces get written about how bad the BCS is.

And with that lovely thought, who ya got? Florida or Boomer Sooner? With everybody picking the Gators, I almost have to pick Oklahoma, but only for philosophical reasons. There’s no denying the talent that’s going to be on field tonight. Hell, what we’re going to see represents a large portion of players who will be selected at future NFL Drafts.

Oklahoma’s offense is obviously great, as is Florida’s. Florida’s defense is probably a little better than OU’s, but they certainly haven’t faced an offense as potent as Oklahoma’s either.

And for that, I blame Georgia.

The Bulldogs have as much offensive talent as any team in the country … Lot of good that did them when the left tackle went out though. Anyway, back to the matter at hand–I think that chip on Oklahoma’s shoulder is going to work in their favor, much like it did for Florida when they played Ohio State in 2007.

Oklahoma – 44, Florida – 31.

Of course, if the score was completely reversed or if it was another embarrassing blowout for either team, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit.