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After almost single-handedly instigating “LA Riots: The 2009 Generation,” courtesy of a childish play call against UCLA in the closing seconds of their rivalry game, it would be wise if Pete Carroll closes his mouth the next time Jim Harbaugh runs the score up on him. You see, not only was Carroll egomaniacal enough to actually call such a play, he then allows his entire team to taunt the Bruins, which just about set off what would’ve been one of the most awesome football fights, perhaps ever.

I’ll grant you Rick Neuheisel has contributed to the feud — well, his employers have — but I’m not sure what rubbing the opposing players faces in it is going to accomplish. Punishing him for calling a timeout comes across as awfully petty, not to mention hypocritical in light of the Stanford game. Oh, and one more thing, Pete:

You have one National Championship, not two. LSU was the BCS Champion, which absolutely trumps anything the AP offers as its consolation prize.