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Admiral Ackbar

The students at Ole Miss University are voting on a new mascot today, and there’s a groundswell of support for an unexpected nominee: Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi. While the university has the final say on the new mascot — meaning Ackbar’s nomination will probably be ignored — that hasn’t stopped Mississippi’s students from trying to effect change.

The Ackbar movement even has its own site, as well as Twitter and Facebook profiles.

As indicated, the vote is taking place today, so if you are an Ole Miss student who wants to add some Mon Calamari flavor to your campus, make sure you make your check-marks heard.

The following is a show of support from a fan of one SEC school to another, and I hope the it brings the Ackbar movement so luck:

In other news, has anyone stopped to think about how George “Big Daddy” Lucas would feel about using his IP in such a manner? I’m not trying to be a killjoy or anything, but remember, you’re talking about a man who has sued over the use of the “Skywalker” name on a billboard.

I imagine Lucas would try and repel any use of his characters in such a manner, unless, of course, the school in question is USC.

H/t to EDSBS (via Friends of the Program) for the find.